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Radio Free Amsterdam
36 Ann Arbor Hash Bash 2005  E-mail
Notes & Playlists
Wednesday, 28 September 2005 12:03
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Thursday, March 31-Saturday, April 2, 2005 [20-0521]

Here's another Nearly Normal Warren joint production from Ann Arbor Alive Radio, compiled from some time we spent together in the studio on March 31 coupled with live music and crowd recordings from the Ann Arbor Hash Bash on April 2nd. I spoke on the Diag as part of the official Hash Bash and then performed with a great band from my home town of Flint called Glowb. Plus there's recorded music by Ann Arbor favorites Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers and New Orleans  own Charmaine Neville, NNW's commentary and conversations with people in the crowd at Hash Bash, and most all of my set with Glowb on the street stage outside of Domenicks that brisk Saturday afternoon in Ann Arbor.

» Listen to the show (.mp3)

Playlist #36

[01] Opening Music: Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers with Intro
[02] Comments by John Sinclair with Nearly Normal Warren
[03] Charmaine Neville: Saturday Night Fish Fry
[04] Nearly Normal Warren Intro to Hash Bash & Commentary
[05] Nearly Normal Warren Intro to Hash Bash @ Domenick s
[06] Hash Bash @ Domenick's Coverage
[07] John Sinclair with Glowb: Comments & Fat Boy > My Buddy
[08] John Sinclair with Glowb: The Screamers > everything happens to me
[09] John Sinclair with Glowb: monk in orbit > friday the 13th
[10] Closing Comments by Nearly Normal Warren & John Sinclair

Hosted & Produced by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam
Co-hosted/Co-produced/Engineered by Nearly Normal Warren for
Executive Producer: John Sinclair
Special thanks to Jeffrey Strouss

(c)(P) 2005 John Sinclair. All Rights Reserved.